Title XII: Public Safety And Welfare

171-A:33 Developmental Services Quality Council Established; Membership; Duties

162-H:6 Time Frames

155-A:5-a Accessibility Standards For Public Buildings

162-H:17 Bulk Power Facility Plans

155-A:5-b Accessibility Certifiers And Inspectors; Penalty

162-H:18 Review; Hearing

167:3-j Aid To The Permanently And Totally Disabled; Duration Of Impairment

153:29-a Fuel Gas Fitter License; Business Entities

162-Q:1 Definition

171-A:32 New Hampshire Council On Autism Spectrum Disorders Established; Duties

162-Q:2 Approval And Certification

162-Q:3 Reports

153:5-c Special Effects Permit

162-A:5-b Access To Capital Funding For Community Health Centers

155:78 Administrative Fines

155-B:9-a Municipal Lien On Owner’s Interest In Property Insurance Proceeds

167:3-i Mead Work Incentive Program

169-D:21-a Permanency Hearings

169-B:11-a Minor’s Welfare; Findings Regarding Removal

161-L:4 Nonparticipating Manufacturers And Labelers

167:77-d Tanf Pilot Diversion Program And Study

162-A:13-c Intellectual Property Business Loan Development Program

169-C:24-b Permanency Hearings

161-L:5 New Hampshire Rx Advantage Program Fund

167:77-e Assistance Program For 2-parent Families With Dependent Children

169-C:24-c Post-permanency Hearings

161-L:6 Rulemaking

167:77-f Career Ladder Initiatives

169-D:10-b Child’s Welfare; Findings Regarding Removal

161-L:7 Annual Report Required

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