Chapter 159: Pistols And Revolvers

159:26 Firearms And Ammunition; Authority Of The State

159:25 Voluntarily Surrendered Firearms

159:9 Record Of Sale

159:6-e Violation

159:6-f Remedies

159:6-d Full Faith And Credit For Licenses From Other States; Reciprocity

159:19-a Criminal Use Of Pistol Cane Or Sword Cane

159:3-a Armed Career Criminals

159:5-a Exceptions And Exemptions Not Required To Be Negated

159:20 Self-defense Weapons Defined

159:21 Possession By Felons Prohibited

159:22 Restricted Sale

159:23 Criminal Use Of Electronic Defense Or Aerosol Self-defense Spray Weapons

159:24 Sale Of Martial Arts Weapons

159:19 Courthouse Security

159:18 Felonious Use Of Teflon-coated, Armor-piercing And Exploding Bullets And Cartridges

159:6-a Confidentiality Of Licenses

159:6-b Suspension Or Revocation Of License

159:6-c Appeal From Denial, Suspension, Or Revocation

159:2 Carrying By Offenders

159:15 Possession Of Dangerous Weapon While Committing A Violent Crime

159:16 Carrying Or Selling Weapons

159:17 Exceptions

159:8-a Sales To Nonresidents; Attorney General

159:8-b Penalties

159:14 Exemption

159:6 License To Carry

159:3 Convicted Felons

159:1 Definition

159:7 Sales To Felons