607-A:2 Rights Lost

Last revised 1967 § 2 Comments

I. A person sentenced for a felony, from the time of his sentence until his final discharge, may not:

  • (a) Vote in an election, but if execution of sentence is suspended with or without the defendant being placed on probation or he is paroled after commitment to imprisonment, he may vote during the period of the suspension or parole; or
  • (b) Become a candidate for or hold public office.

II. A public office held at the time of sentence is forfeited as of the date of the sentence if the sentence is in this state or, if the sentence is in another state or in a federal court, as of the date a certification of the sentence from the sentencing court is filed in the office of secretary of state, who shall receive and file it as a public document. An appeal or other proceeding taken to set aside or otherwise nullify the conviction or sentence does not affect the application of this section, but if the conviction is reversed the defendant shall be restored to any public office forfeited under this chapter from the time of the reversal and shall be entitled to the emoluments thereof from the time of the forfeiture.


1967, 289:1, eff. Aug. 26, 1967.

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