515:6 General Issue In Libel

Last revised 1862 § 1 Comment

In actions for libel or slander, under the general issue, the defendant may prove, in mitigation of damages and to rebut evidence of actual malice, that the writing or words complained of were the repetition of common report, and that the conduct of the plaintiff was such as to create suspicion of the truth of the matters therein charged against him.


1862, 2602. GS 208:6. GL 227:6. PS 223:6. PL 335:6. RL 391:6.

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§ One Response to 515:6 General Issue In Libel

  • Douglas Smith says:

    Is their any attorney who would take action against an attorney who has committed fraud and slander against me in a blackmail extortion scheme to steal my father’s assets and all joint assets that I have worked to build for the last 30 years?

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