328-A:15-b Animal Physical Therapy Certification

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I. Any physical therapist practicing physical therapy on any animal shall meet the requirements of this section and any additional requirements set by the board of veterinarians pursuant to RSA 332-B:7-a, XIV and shall be certified by the physical therapy board.

II. A physical therapist shall be eligible for animal physical therapy certification if he or she:

  • (a) Is a graduate of a singular certification program in animal physical therapy or animal rehabilitation affiliated with an AVMA accredited veterinary school with a minimum of 120 course hours.
  • (b) Provides proof of liability/malpractice insurance coverage for the practice of physical therapy on animals.
  • (c) Paid the initial fee for certification as set by the board.

III. Physical therapists certified as animal physical therapists are eligible for renewal of their licenses if they:

  • (a) Have not violated this chapter or RSA 328-F nor demonstrated poor moral character.
  • (b) Annually complete 7.5 hours of the required bi-annual 30 hours of continuing education directly related to animal rehabilitation and any other continuing competency requirements established by the physical therapy board or the veterinary board in rules adopted pursuant to RSA 541-A.
  • (c) Pay the annual renewal fee for certification as set by the board. Certifications shall expire on December 31 of each year. The board may waive the payment of the renewal fee of an animal physical therapist during the period when the person is on active duty with any branch of the armed services of the United States, not to exceed 3 years or the duration of a national emergency, whichever is longer.

IV. Before treating an animal, an animal physical therapist shall receive a referral from a veterinarian licensed under RSA 332-B. Such referral shall be oral or written and an oral referral shall be followed by a written referral filed within 7 days of the first treatment by the animal physical therapist. The written referral shall contain the following:

  • (a) The name of the animal;
  • (b) The name of the owner;
  • (c) A description of the animal;
  • (d) A veterinary diagnosis; and
  • (e) The referring veterinarian’s signature.

V. An animal physical therapist treating an animal shall provide to the referring veterinarian:

  • (a) A written evaluation within 7 days after initial evaluation;
  • (b) Any additional progress notes every 30 days; and
  • (c) Notice of discharge or termination of treatment.
  • Revisions

    2009, 311:2, eff. Jan. 1, 2010.

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