263:13 Restricted Licenses

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I. The department, upon issuing a driver’s license, may for good cause impose restrictions suitable to the licensee’s driving ability with respect to special mechanical control devices required on a motor vehicle which the licensee may drive or such other restrictions applicable to the licensee as the department may determine to be appropriate to assure the safe driving of a motor vehicle by the licensee.

II. The department may issue a restricted license to a person who can safely drive a motor vehicle during daylight hours, but who, for medical reasons, can not safely drive a motor vehicle during darkness.

III. The department may either issue a special restricted license or may set forth such restrictions upon the usual license form.

IV. The department may, upon receiving satisfactory evidence of any violation of the restrictions of such license, suspend or revoke the same, but the licensee shall be entitled to a hearing as upon a suspension or revocation under this chapter.

V. It is a violation for any person to drive a motor vehicle in any manner in violation of the restrictions imposed in a restricted license issued to him.

VI. If the department issues a license restricting the holder’s operation because of a visual impairment or deficiency, the director shall enter a rescission of the restriction in the records of the department if the holder of the license has received surgery to correct his or her vision and now has a visual acuity of 20/40 or better as verified by a test administered by the department at no cost to the holder.


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