21-I:84 General Powers And Duties

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The department of administrative services is further authorized to:

I. Exercise such general supervision over standards of operation and maintenance of state-owned buildings, except state armories and military reservations, and fixed plant equipment as was formerly the function of the executive officers of the using agencies or institutions or the department of transportation, division of public works, and except as otherwise provided by law.

II. Coordinate long range capital planning to meet the needs of the state, as may be requested by the governor and council and subject to their approval.

III. Operate all public works, not otherwise assigned.

IV. Assist any using agency or institution of the state in the acquisition of lands for a public use, when requested.

V. Employ such technical consultants and other assistants as may be necessary, wherever required in the best interests of the state and consistent with the policy declared in section RSA 21-I:80.

VI. Engage in projects as defined in RSA 21-I:78, IX.


2005, 291:9, eff. July 25, 2005.

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