Law is complex and arcane. Can it be made easier to understand by making it more social? More linkable? More findable? This site is an experiment in that question, as well as an experiment into how Scriblio can handle a collection like this.

Browse around, read up on NH’s transportation laws, or wonder if you’ve ever been part of a riot. Take note that the chinook is NH’s state dog, a factoid that appears among the 33 statutes in Chapter 3: State Emblems, Flag, Etc.

There’s quite a bit of work yet to be done. The statutes need more access points. My early experiments with Open Calais tagging didn’t yield the results I was looking for (ironic, considering the business and law origins of the service), but there’s more opportunity along those lines.You’re also likely to find bugs, please tell me about them.

Disclaimer: I’m not a lawyer and this representation of NH’s statutes is not accepted by any legal authority. If you have real questions of law, get a lawyer.